Impact and Social Good with a Fundable Startup

SEGITA's online Social Impact Tech accelerator program helps impact-focused startup founders structure and validate their idea, build a strong business case, and become fundable.


  • Equity-free knowledge and guidance
  • Lean startup methodology and mindset
  • Step-by-step process and startup toolkit
  • Exposure to co-founders, entrepreneurs, investors
  • Investor readiness
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This program is for you if


  • Current or Aspiring Entrepreneur
  • Committed to creating impact in the world
  • Founder, Innovator, Visionary, Forward-thinker


  • Build a strong Business Case
  • Become Fundable
  • Boost your Startup's chances of success

We support founders on a mission to improve our world

The only Accelerator with a holistic approach to entrepreneurship

At SEGITA, we see entrepreneurship as a journey. This is obvious for the startup as it moves from idea validation to fundraising, launch, and growth. But it is also true for the founder.

At the company level, the moving pieces need to align: methodology, strategy, roadmap, team, execution plan, they all get to work in unison. Our tools and guidance help entrepreneurs improve their skills, make better decisions, and ensure their business is on track.

At the founder level, entrepreneurship is a demanding endeavor. A company cannot grow big when its leaders think small. For a startup to succeed, the founder has to evolve as a human, as an entrepreneur, and as a business leader.

Our Accelerator combines Lean Startup methodology with mindful leadership to create the conditions for success.

Accelerator Program Outline

A. Kickoff Workshop

  • Live Webinar (Lecture and Q&A)
  • Live "Ask Anything" Lab
  • Initial Pitch Deck Assessment
  • Materials and Resources
  • Peer Support Group

B. Startup Bootcamp

1 · Foundation

Learn entrepreneurship basics, Understand the moving parts of a business

2 · Mission & Impact

Define mission & vision, Understand the role of social impact, Specify metrics

3 · Product

Validate your Idea, Define your MVP, Understand the process & tools for developing a product

4 · Market

Define business model, Determine positioning, Establish go-to-market strategy

5 · Ops & Resources

Create startup plan, Define roadmap, Identify necessary implementation resources

6 · Funding & Pitch

Explore funding options, Create a strong pitch deck, Attract the right investors

7 · Mindset

Develop inner strategies, Establish appropriate habits, Become a resilient leader

8 · Pitch Event

Put your startup skills to the test, Practice your pitch, Receive feedback

C. Master Group

  • Top 3 Startups from Pitch Event
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching
  • Individualized Focus and Insights
  • Pitch Feedback Sessions
  • Peer Support Group
  • Pitch Competition Preparation


Christos Kritikos

Christos Kritikos  

Startup Strategist · Product Expert · Dreamer

Christos Kritikos is a US-based startup strategist, product expert, and dreamer, who is passionate about entrepreneurship and its potential to bring economic development and prosperity. He has participated in several companies, consulted dozens of clients, and mentored numerous founders helping with the growing pains of startups. His education includes a M.S. in Computer Science (UCLA, Fulbright Scholar) and certifications in Design Thinking, Product Management, Brand Management and Product Marketing. He combines these with 25+ years of personal development work into a methodology that treats mindfulness and inner balance as cornerstones for building a successful company. He is the founder of Emerging Humanity and advocates mindful entrepreneurship that aligns with our personal integrity and our collective needs. Christos specializes in consumer-facing products & services in health & wellness, education, travel & hospitality, economic development, and social impact.



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Vasili Sofiadellis

Vasili Sofiadellis  

Ecosystem Creation · Biz Dev · Partnerships

Vasili Sofiadellis has transitioned from playing professional soccer in both Greece and South Africa to being a Chartered Accountant. Sofiadellis worked at PwC, performing numerous deals and due diligence assignments, where after he Co-Created PwC's Strategy in Innovation / the Startup Ecosystem. He is now a director at Visions2Ventures, a bespoke advisory and VC firm and also the founder of Changemakers Lab. Vasili is passionate about people, tech entrepreneurship and accelerating the SDGs. He thrives at creating an enabling environment, through which entrepreneurs and other stakeholders can flourish and achieve their objectives. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to put himself in others shoes, thereby being objective and able to add value to respective stakeholders.

Hear from Other Founders

Darrell Pickens testimonial
“Christos' mentoring has been an instrumental part to helping me grow. His incredibly insightful questions and thoughts provoke me to think at a higher level in a way that drives progress.”
Darrell Pickens, Founder/CEO, Relay on Demand
Cathy Sartorio testimonial
“Christos offered clear guidance and efficient tools to get to the heart of a startup's needs. I really appreciate his attentive listening and the clarity of his responses adapted to the audience needs.”
Cathy Sartorio, Entrepreneur
Anneta Zafeiroudi testimonial
“I truly recommend Christos and his program to anyone interested in startups. It is the best investment you can make for yourself and your business!”
Anneta Zafeiroudi, Owner, Anneta's House
David Silva testimonial
“Christos is the person who comes to mind when I think of the word "mentor". He gives personalized, thoughtful, and honest guidance. His veteran insights pinpoint paths to success that are hidden in plain sight.”
David Silva, Cofounder/CEO, Yrbookit

Global Impact Tech Accelerator

Global Impact Tech Accelerator benefits

Obtain skills and tools to...

  • Develop your MVP
  • Get Market Validation or Early Traction
  • Become Fundable
  • Lead with Confidence
  • Generate Results and Impact

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